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Erotic spanking not only sexually acceptable, is actually expected at some point in one’s love making session. We both get to experience some sizzling skin-to-skin contact. There is also a variety of fetish erotica I can explore with my partner. But if I want to be dominated, I will show my submission by following him obediently to the bedroom. Letting him undress me and pin me to the bed, handcuffing me or tying me to the bedpost with his tie. enhancing my arousal by alternating aggression with soft, sensual stroking, bringing me to the edge of an orgasmic explosion. My lover gets to view the quiver of my flesh as he slaps my bottom, while I get to feel him caress a body part that may not get all the attention needed. A wiggly butt is satisfied with the splendor of spanking. Sometimes a sensual slap is just the thing. Other times a stronger measure is called for. Take your cues! (2290 views)

When me and my partner wish to begin an evening of erotic power play, we think of bondage, tying my partner to the bed (using silk scarves for added eroticism); since bondage, is becoming sexually acceptable in this new age of kink, it takes playful sex to a new level. In this behavior, each of us derives pleasure from pain, or pleasure from being completely dominated or completely dominant wicked behavior!

Sexual activities, we are free to fantasize, and let our minds run wild! I have’ tied up my lover, down on the bed, teased him till he couldn’t take it anymore, slowly building intensity, based on his responses, more strict and more fierce actions: dripping hot candle wax down his chest or grinding my high heel gently into his back; teasing him by alternating oral and manual pleasure with biting; and having had my naughty way with him, climbing on top and controlling the depth and rhythm of penetration, you decide when he gets to reach orgasm!

There is a feeling of eroticism in the helplessness and anticipation associated with bondage, and makes both parties blissfully happy. (1504 views)

All Time Best Cream Pie Superstars by Whiteghetto

Authors: Tara Amorel and a huge cum loads in her pussy :D

Tara Amorel loves triple load of cum on her pussy, to make the best cream pie video on the internet!

She keep her eye on the prize, oozing loads of hot jizz out their gaping snatches after being fucked over and over. This is one superstar you should actually watch.



My best friend Ana, introduced me to the strap on dildo, she showed me hers, it was a harness and dildo providing raised bumps to rub against the clitoris of the female wearer, having it presented to me in such manner, thinking of all the fun and pleasure it could cause, it immediately made me desire one for myself,so I grabbed Ana and went straight to the sex shop, to get one more.

lesbians strapon fuck

I got myself a three strap leather harness with two internal plugs; and since I have had some fantasies with her, that I always wanted to fulfill I thought that this should be the right time! I started to make a move on her and surprisingly she was into it, we began testing her strap-on first, she wore it, and she did it well! She did all the things I would like a woman to do to me! She took me from behind, gently, while laying side by side, and it was a moment of great erotic vibe since we both received pleasure at the same time!

Very hot lesbians strap-on fuck

I can not wait to try with my sweet friend my own strap on, seeing that I still crave for certain experiences. Wearing a strap-on dildo and fucking your lover until he begs you to stop! That is very hot!

Ana fucks boyfriend with strapon (2469 views)

Monsters Of Shemale Cock!

Monsters Of Shemale Cock #07 by  Whiteghetto

Actors: Carolina A

Gorgeous Carolina shemale pull her huge cock out and gets shagged hard!

How big is big? If its a cock, and its bigger than anything like it, its not just big anymore, its a fucking monster!

Now we all know that Carolina She male have some of the most huge dicks around, but when you’ve got an already hung She Male and her cock is so big they call it a monster !!! (2058 views)

Glory hole philosophy

Glory holes, are an iconic erotic oasis, facilitating impersonal and anonymous sex, for everyone of us with a taste for sexual in a public space. A hole drilled, punched or filed in a wall between stalls in a public restroom with total anonymity is what makes them so arousing, when used for sexual encounters, an ultimate sexual experience!

glory hole

There are usually two people involved one, seated and wishes to perform oral sex will normally be in a kneeling position, inside the booth and will be sending signals to others, that they are desiring to perform sex which allows those who wish to receive sex, to take the adjoining booth, this second person will normally remain standing, and will accept the offer and put his penis through the hole to be serviced.

Gloryhole blowjob

For what we could call a truly adult peepshow. Using a glory hole, u can experiment sexual encounter, that can go as far as anal intercourse, a hand job, or vaginal intercourse apart from the expected blow job. Attraction of this form of sexual contact can be motivated by having intimacy without a prolonged relationship.

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Hoping for cum

After watching a very intense porn video, I wanted to try some cum – swap, for myself as well! In the video there ware two hot girls, in a very playful mood, they soon started kissing each other, here and there; licking every inch of each other for a little foreplay, always needed; soon their bodies were craving for something more, can you want more?! 

Hoping for cum

Then a firing hot, actor comes and starts to engage into their fantasies, fucking their brains out, eagerly each one at a time, mean while the goddesses were still busy kissing, liking pierced nipples, liking all their juices, as they were taking turns at fucking that hard cock, The hot red haired vixen got fucked in her sweat, sexy ass; he was fucking her so hard! Getting closer to ejaculation the girls started liking his cock , together. As he came, filling their mouths , they began kissing and swapping lusciously that great cum. They made me crave it, desire it, fantasize it.


Cum swapping girls (6612 views)

I always desired to meet a porn star, yeah, who doesn’t! Having him throw me up against a wall ripping my clothes of, sliding slowly down on my body, stopping on the way down to kiss, lick, and fondle all my most erogenous and intimate areas, then he is pressing me up against the wall,that is bathed in hot sun light,and kisses me passionately while his hands are wandering over my body.

Hot fantasy with a pornstar

I love feeling swept away by the power and strength of his heat. He straightens up as I clasps him tightly with my arms and legs. He presses me against the wall as he moves freely inside me. Oh! He is enjoin feeling almighty and in control over me, when he is thrusting and thrusting, faster, deeper, harder! Such a delirious passion! It gives me a rush to press my nails into his back. …Only if I could meet him!  (1131 views)

Whenever I feel in a dirty mood, I ask my lover to rub his face all over my pussy! He enjoys liking my pussy, sometimes, he likes to tease me all day long, telling me that he can’t wait to get me out of those pants and start to play with me. My whole vagina wants and craves his touches; he knows his duties and he enjoys making me shiver!

His face all over my pussy

He moves his tongue in circular motions the up-and-down and in-and-out , and pushes downward on the descending curve, he gives me constant clitoral stimulation! He’s eating me out; and to ad some more buzz using the tip of his tongue flicks it back and forth; flicking it back and forth along the entire top of the clitoris. as if he is saying “no, no, no.” but be sure, he makes me scream “yes, yes, yes!”sensations are becoming to intense! Facesitting

Then he moves his tongue rapidly over my pussy, above and below my clitoris, and across my vulva, an electric sensation outspread throughout my vagina. He’s non stopping stimulation gives me a series of multiple orgasms, every time he wants!

his face all over my juicy pussy (1763 views)

Love to be a domina

From what my girlfriend confessed to me, I think that a femdom is simply temptation to go beyond expectations and all the gadgets like all the leather, the corsets, and boots and let all the kink skills drive you to role play, that sound true to the core. I started to embrace the idea and within days I was already ecstatic to try it; so my lover got the chance to enjoy some different sex play. Femdom girlfriend

Since I took him by surprise it all felt in place, as I whispered in his ear: I’m going to take control of you tonight! he got really turned on by all my acting, talking, and the corset! I loved the dominatrix role, using a lot of fetish items, made me feel demanding and bitchy, my desires were engaging me in sweet selfishness.
Blond domina girlfriend

Since he was under my strict orders I enjoyed tying whipping him, teasing, denying orgasm, and teasing some more, made him scream for a chance to penetrate my worshiped ass. That was fucking intense!
brunete femdom girfirend (2393 views)

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